The 6-Week Online Course

That will radically help student-athletes and former pro-athletes

build their brand & have success as they transition into the next chapter of their life.

Why invest in your PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT now?

Leadership Development

US companies are spending 166 billion dollars annually on leadership development. This translates directly to more productive, fulfilling relationships, as well as more effective employee development through improved coaching.

Shortcuts To Success

In California alone there were 162,000 job posts that listed leadership skills as a key requirement for prospective employees!

Relationships are Key

The first relationship that you need to focus on is the relationship you have with yourself! If you can't respect you, why should anyone else?

Creating A System For Success

Having a system for success can set you apart and give you principles that you can apply in any environment. This system can help you make better decisions & create blueprints for where you want to go.

Alex Molden

My “being in the zone” type of work is helping former professional or elite level athletes and coaches move from uncovering their passion (outside of their sport), aligning it to their purpose with a profession. I’ve created a course that will help you become a more effective influencer & grow your personal & professional brand.

There is a ton of misguided or surface level information about personal development out in the world today. I break it down to its core, which will give you a better understanding of who you are. Foundational not situational principles will be uncovered, giving you more confidence in how you show up and influence everyday no matter what environment you're in.

Successful Partnerships

I am one of the few leadership development coaches that took what I've learned playing on the highest level of sports and implementing those same principles of personal and team success in the corporate world. I've been speaking with Fortune 100 brands, start-up companies & coaching top executives, managers, directors, former elite level athletes just like you & helping them become the person that they always wanted to be...I just give them a push & I hold a mirror up for them to see what others see in them.

My Journey

My journey began after I finished playing professional football. I was lost...I didn’t know who I was! I knew how to be a HIGH PERFORMER i.e. great teammate, take in information at an incredible rate of speed and process it, as well as being great at paying attention to details but other than that Football was who I was...and once I finished, I went into a deep depression.

I came to grips that I needed to lead myself out of this dark place. I read leadership books, self-help books, and attended leadership seminars..but nothing gave me the results I was seeking.

My rock bottom hit when I applied for an entry-level non-profit job in Portland, Oregon. I had worked part-time for a non-profit in San Diego for 6-months, so I thought that I was a shoo-in for the role. During the interview process, the Director asked me questions about the organization...I was ready, but when she flipped the script and started asking me questions about myself, such as:

-What's your passion?

-Why do you want this job?

-What's your purpose?

-What is leadership?

I was stuck...I mean literally, STUCK! I didn't have an answer to any of these questions. After about 10 mins of questions like these, she finally told me, "Alex, I suggest you do some self-development and find out exactly who you are before you go on any more job interviews." She walked me out of the building. I went to my car, and I cried my eyes out!!! This lady who just met me told me that I didn't know who I was, and she was right!

I started looking back on the good coaches & teammates as well as the bad ones during my journey in football and I peeled back the layers that I felt were important. When I filtered everything through the lens of my old defensive back coach (Willie Shaw’s) formula of coaching... it made perfect sense to me. I also realized that I needed a coach to help me with my overall development. It was one of the best decisions I ever wasn’t cheap either (50K) but the knowledge that I now had gave me the confidence to be a better coach to my high-performance athletes and I soon began to coach executives as well as get on stage and motivate and inspire people from all walks of life. Needless to say, it was a very good investment w/ a high ROI.

I've learned a great deal about what works and what doesn't.

During some dark months of my 1st year out of football, I became a shell of myself! My marriage and the way

I parented my kids were the worst!! I had no direction and zero confidence in myself. Then I thought back to the best Coach I ever had. His name was Willie Shaw and he had a simple formula.





I’ve been sharing my knowledge with companies such as Converse, Hiya & the Atlanta Falcons as well as executives, business owners & high-profile professional athletes.

I had figured out how to do this over and over again and apply it to different areas of my life.

I continued studying leadership and personal development with my coach until I had it down to a science and I became confident enough to step on stage to deliver my formula to the masses and organizations (workshops & retreats). I’ve been doing it since 2015..and have been reaping the rewards ever since!

For All Frustrated Former Elite & Pro Level Athletes

No Matter If You Just Finished Your College Career Or If You Had A 20-Year Career In Your Respective Sport

  • Who don't know what their passion is

  • Who have a hard time finding their purpose in life

  • Who have a tough time making decisions

  • Who don't know how to use their celebrity properly
  • Who don't understand the foundations of leadership

  • Who hate wasting time

  • Who refuse to attend costly weekend personal development retreats or seminars

  • Who want to have the skill of predicting behavior patterns

Guys, I have a message for you (a message I wish I would have given myself 15 years ago).


Data That Shows Where Former Elite/Professional

Athletes Are Dropping The Ball.

Pro Athlete Direct found that only 60% to 80% of athletes will divorce 5 years after they finish playing. An NCAA survey of athletes found that 30% reported feeling depressed over the course of a year. Why? Research from the Northern Ireland Association of Mental Health suggests competitive failure and other factors can lead to psychological distress.

11% of athletes retire with less

than five years are also a founder, president, CEO or in an entrepreneurial role.

15% of former NFL players

declare bankruptcy.

43% of people feel appreciated which makes them more confident.

This Is For You If...

You are committed to changing certain behavior patterns that served you in the PAST but are no longer contributing to you or your team’s growth. The reason you CAN’T PROGRESS is because you keep applying an OLD FORMULA to a new level in your life.

You struggle with connecting with highly driven, high performing people.

You find it difficult making tough decisions.

You’ve scratched the surface by reading self-help or leadership books, but it’s not enough information or is filled with cliches.

Looking for someone that pushes you to have uncomfortable conversations that can help you solve your own problems & issues by pulling the greatness out of you.

You are READY!


The High Achievers Academy

Virtual Training Camp

This Virtual Training Camp is offered in 5-learning modules. Each module, released weekly over 6 weeks, includes video, downloadable tools, skill-building exercises, and the opportunity to apply the content immediately to your personal and professional life.

  • Live Q & A weekly zoom calls
  • Video teaching modules
  • Downloadable tools and templates
  • Email technical support
  • Private Facebook Page

Module I & II: Laying the framework

(how mastering these influencers can change your life)

I'd finally cracked the code of leadership & personal development and In this module, we will work through the 10-Power Pillars of influence. After this module, you will be able to define and put words to the decisions you make, how to influence others, and how to recognize the intentions of others may be before they even know it. You will have a new type of confidence when you speak with people...even "celebrities"

We'll work through a series of exercises to brainstorm your personal and professional roadmaps so that you can be more impactful.

The Playbook:

Our resources will help you understand the rhyme and reason you follow anyone and why they should follow you.

10 Foundational principles that will give you clarity on what leadership truly is and how it stands up in any environment.

Module III: Great Brands Have Great Stories

Next, we're going to work backward from where you started to a low point in your life and how that low point made you into the gifted persona you are today. I will show you the steps that are needed so you can quickly and succinctly tell your story and it has an immediate impact on your listeners! When you can tell your story you differentiate yourself from the others. Whether it's at a job interview, speaking on stages, or a conversation on a 1st date, you will be dripping with confidence.

The Playbook:

Being consistent, intentional & clear with how you communicate.

Learn the words that trigger a certain feeling that establishes you as a person who has great understanding of self.

You will be learning my AAA's of personal development and that will give you the framework to tell your story.

Module IV: Developing & Leveraging Your Brand

Every year companies spend billions of dollars on brand development, I think we need to start investing in telling our own story and the cool thing is we have a valuable tool to do's right in the palm of your hand (your phone)! Being an athlete does have its perks and now is the time to start cashing in your most valuable commodity....which is you!

The Playbook:

How to post content that is relevant to the brand you want to create.

How to differentiate yourself from other athletes.

It's all about getting people invested in you (engagement is more important than the following).

Module V: Creating Relationship Roadmaps

Relationships are crucial in every situation that you are in. These are proven methods that ring true in both sport and business worlds. Having 7 head coaches and 7 position coaches in 8 years in the NFL along with 2 head coaches and 3 position coaches in college taught me a lot about having a system and mindset for creating and sustaining relationships. Understanding the difference between positional leadership vs. relational leadership is instrumental in having success in any environment.

The Playbook:

You will discover ways to create relationships through elevated people that you already now and they will be happy to introduce you to others, but it all depends on you and your brand.

You will learn how to use your celebrity to create relationships that add value to you.

Understanding positional vs. relational leadership (this can help change the relationship that you have with different types of people).

View Points From Past Students!

Leadership shows up in every part of our lives...even when it comes to leading yourself.


Frequently Asked Questions

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The goal is to keep this group intimate so I will only be allowing 20 people per session.

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6-Week Course


Perfect for those who are just finishing up with their sport and are having a tough time establishing themselves, finding who they are and how to use their platform to become an elevated version of themselves.

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6-week course


For those who are looking for a fast-pass to becoming a more effective leader which starts by first understanding how you work and how you make decisions. Great for beginning entrepreneurs.

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  • Worksheets & Assignments
  • Private Facebook Group
  • 6-weekly zoom calls
  • 6-months of small group Zoom coaching calls (3-5 participants)
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6-week course


For those who are looking for a deeper connection to becoming a more effective leader, entrepreneur & highly sought after influencer.

  • Digital Leadership course
  • Worksheets & Assignments
  • Private Facebook Group
  • 6-weekly zoom calls
  • 6-months of 1:1 private coaching via Zoom calls
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